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"If you could invite any three people to a dinner party…"

40yroldgoth would invite Hunter S. Thompson, Carl Sagan and Charles Bukowski.

candieaftersunset would choose Pochaontas, Jim Morrison & George RR Martin for a weed party in the hills of Tuscany.

redheadedfemme would want “the most devout of the Popes, Stephen Hawking, and Socrates at a party talking theology and philosophy.”

phallusifer9 says,

I would invite Varg, Euronymous and Dead just to listen to them bicker. 

I hope I can magickally understand them tho, because my Swedish isn’t -that great, and my Norwegian is near to nonexistent. 

I’d probably serve sushi at this dinner just to see if they can figure it out. I’m sure at some point Varg’s chopsticks will need to be taken from him, lest he try to stick them in Euro’s eyesockets and lobotomise him like that guy did in Session 9.

Dead would eat the sushi, not because he necessarily liked it, but because he’d hope eating something raw would gross the other two out.

pink-absinthe says,

I’d invite Sarah Kane (playwright), Rachel McKibbens (performance poet) and Jonna Lee (swedish musician) to a whiskey and Pictionary party because, odd and interesting as they are, they’d have the strangest ways of drawing things I’m sure. Also, when drunk later we could get into heated discussions about anything and everything, Kane brings the intellectual viscosity, McKibbens the emotional sucker-punch and Lee the creative originality. One would leave inspired for life.

Let me know if I missed anyone’s responses. Sometimes reblogs fail to show up in the notes, or messages are not received.

Photo: A garden party given by Governor Rawson for the Officers of the American Fleet at Cranbrook, Sydney, 1908.

Long Time, No See!

Hey folks!

Sorry for the radio silence - school started and other commitments got in the way. This will be rectified soon.

I’m just going through all the submissions for the “1 Question, 11 Answers,” and I’ll publish them shortly. Let me know if I missed anything/anyone.

Also, this is this blog’s 11th post!

La Partie Continue!

Photo from/by Roger Wilkerson.

Mesdames et messieurs, I am pleased to announce that 1 Question, 11 Answers will be open for submissions for another week. The new deadline is Friday, August 10th, at midnight Eastern Time.

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances pulled me away from promoting this as much as I should have. So, I don’t think it’s fair to end things quite yet. I’ll be updating the original post with the new due date as well.

Remember, you can submit your preferred dinner guests via our ask or submission boxes, or send me a message @elevenquestions on twitter..

1 Question, 11 Answers

Photo from Roger Wilkerson.

Starting this week, 11 Questions asks all of Tumblr one question, and posts the 11 best answers.

This week’s question is:

You can invite any three (3) people, living or dead, to a party. Magically, they’ll all be able to understand each other, whatever languages they speak. Whom do you invite, and what’s the party like?

Bonus questions:

  • What would you serve?
  • Where do you hold the party?
  • Is it a dinner party, or would you invite them to a kegger, a dance party, a cuddle party, etc.?
  • Is it a themed party? e.g. Hawaiian, Halloween, Hufflepuff
  • How long does the party last?
Example answers:
  • "I’ve always wanted to know what J.S. Bach was like, so I’d invite him and two of his sons."
  • "I’d like to know what Muhammad Ali, Bertrand Russell and Saint Thomas Aquinas would talk about over lamb chops."
  • "I’d invite Elvis, Errol Flynn and Socrates to a luau. What do you mean, ‘Why?’"

Photo from Roger Wilkerson.

There are four ways to enter:

  1. Submit your answer through 11 Questions’ ask box or submission form.
  2. Tag the post you want to submit (on Tumblr) with 1q11a.
  3. Tag your answer on Twitter with hashtag #1q11a. You can also send it to me @elevenquestions.
  4. Join our Facebook Fan Page and submit your answer, or a link to your answer, there.

Entries can be in a digital form, such as:

  1. A basic list of who you’d invite.
  2. A short story or essay describing the dinner party.
  3. An illustration, painting, or photo of the dinner party in action.
  4. A rhymed and/or metered poem, e.g. a sestina, a tanka, a sonnet, etc. No free verse!
  5. A video or animation.
  6. A photo set, animated or otherwise.
  7. Some combination of the above.
Deadline is Friday, August 10th, at midnight Pacific Time (UTC-8). Good luck!

11 Questions for…Suicide Blonde

Named from the eponymous INXS song, Suicide Blonde has been on Tumblr since 2008, blogging about fashion, streetwear, arts and culture.

11 Questions recently caught up with Suicide Blonde to discuss her blog, her fashion sense, and how to be confident.

11 QUESTIONS: What’s your earliest fashion-related memory? 

SUICIDE BLONDE: When I was little, probably 2 or 3, to age 10, my gramma was a color and fashion consultant.  This is a very 80s thing, Color Your World, “Are you an Autumn, a Winter, a Spring or a Summer?” (I’m a Winter, by the way.) 

It started out as my gramma and my aunts doing color consulting for the ladies in their church, draping them with fabrics to show them which colors they should wear, and then evolved into them teaching color and fashion consultant classes.  I was always their little helper, cutting fabrics, photocopying booklets on what lengths of skirts and shape eyeglasses, etc, that ladies should wear.  I would watch them transform a woman with little to no confidence into a strutting fancy lady with things as simple as the right shade of lipstick, a well cut blazer, a kicky pair of heels.  

I learned through watching them the transformative power of fashion, how looking good can make you feel good and give you the confidence you need to put your life on the path that you want it to be on.

2: What were your favorite fashion magazines, growing up? 

SB: I had a subscription to Seventeen magazine from ages 12 to 17, and it introduced me to a lot of the supermodels when they were just starting out - I vividly remember a Kate Moss editorial in a 1992 issue where she was photographed by her then boyfriend Mario Sorrenti.  This one!

From age 11, I read Vogue and Elle and Marie Claire and Bazaar and Mirabella and Allure and basically any fashion magazine I could get my hands on. Without knowing it at the time, I was finding out about all the fashion photographers, designers and models that I still admire today.  

I would tear the pictures out of the magazines I would get and put them on my walls, always changing and rearranging the collage.  It’s really what I still do now with my tumblr. 

3: How did you start with Tumblr? 

SB: I came upon these picture blogging sites via Audrey Kawasaki in March 2008 - I got lost in her FFFFOUND! and when I couldn’t get an invite for a ffffound I settled for a tumblr.  I didn’t actively start using my account until September of that year.  Tumblr was a lot different then in terms of tone and community, it was more art, design and vintage based.  You would get lambasted for posting a picture of celebrity then.  

4: How else has Tumblr changed since 2008?

SB: There are the obvious changes - the incoming of fashion and fandom, the gifs and memes, and all the other subcultures of the internet that changed the overall tone, I think for the better. When publications and photographers and celebrities started to get tumblrs, that’s when it all started to feel like a big deal, and I was glad I had gotten in early.

The feeling of a small community isn’t there as much anymore, but the issues of always feeling like there is someone who has a greater advantage than you, that’s always been there.  It was there when someone would get 50 reblogs (there used to only be reblogs, and 50 was a huge number) and you would get none.

June, 2012 archive for Suicide Blonde.

5: How would you describe your blog, or the theme of your blog, to someone at a party? 

SB: Positively reacting to things I find beautiful and/or interesting in my worldview.  But to someone who’s unfamiliar with tumblr I usually call it an arts and culture picture blog, which is pretentious way of saying I post subtitled caps from Mean Girls and pictures of girls looking fine.

6: How has running this blog influenced your own sartorial style?

SB: This blog really is a reflection of my style. I post girls wearing what’s trendy as a source of inspiration, but my style has always come from movies, art, vintage photography. I’m more about dressing in something different than something trendy.

Having run my tumblr for this long has helped me refine and define my aesthetic. It’s also helped me see things I would have never imagined, so my style has gone places it never could had I not been doing this everyday.  This interaction with other people’s style is one of my favorite things about tumblr.

7: If you could raid anyone’s closet, and have the clothes magically fit you as well, whose closet would you raid?

SB: Dita Von Teese’s, definitely, for the shoes and corsets alone.  The clothes Kate Moss has gathered over the years is amazing. Chloe Sevigny’s, as well. Daphne Guiness’ collection of fashion is so highly praised they have musuem shows of it.  And John Waters, for his devotion to thrift, vintage, and Comme des Garçons.

Photo of Chloe Sevigny, from Suicide Blonde.

8: What are some of your favorite books?

SB: The titles I would highlight from my favorites shelf on goodreads would be Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers, LM Montgomery’s Blue Castle, Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan series, Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides, Joan Didion’s Blue Nights, Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt, Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet, Alan Moore’s Lost Girls, and Nabokov’s Lolita.

9: I see on Goodreads that you’ve quoted Michael Cunningham a few times. How did you come to read By Nightfall? What do you like about his writing?

SB: My lady bohemea's favorite book is his The Hours. She read By Nightfall a year ago. We bought a copy of it a couple of months ago and I read it based on her recommendation.

10: Many fashionistas say the key to good style is “confidence,” but for someone who doesn’t feel confident, that can seem like a cruel joke. What would you advise less-confident, would-be fashionistas to do if they want to start looking fabulous and aren’t sure how?

SB: We’ve all had moments (or months, or years) of not being confident.  I went through a period of about 4 yrs in my mid 20’s where I was extremely depressed due to what I thought then were unchangeable circumstances.

The main thing I would say to anyone who is in a dark place is that nothing lasts forever, and that these dark times happen to teach us things, so just take each day at a time and find joy in small things.  But, when you’re ready, and you will be one day, you have the ability to change your life.  It starts with the decision to make things better for yourself, and then, with each subsequent decision, your life can be better.  That’s how I was able to pull myself out of that depression - my grandfather died of a stroke and it made me look at where I was.

I made one change for the better, then another, and from there things got better and better.  I was able to feel confident because I knew that there was hope.  I might not know what the future holds, but I know I’m strong enough to make the smart decisions to navigate my way through it. 

11: What advice would you offer someone who wants to start a blog, either about fashion or something else they’re passionate about? What does it take to run a good blog? 

SB: Know what you’re talking about.  Don’t feed the trolls.  Don’t complain all the time.  Don’t post all your messages.  But after saying all this, fuck what anyone else says and post for yourself only.

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11 Questions for…Dapper Dean

Dapper Dean is “a rotating closet of classic, proper, and fun vintage accessories.” Chock-full of style inspiration for men and women, Dapper Dean focuses on things related to the “ideal perception of oneself in dress, appearance, or bearing.”

11 Questions recently caught up with Dapper Dean’s creator, to discuss her fashion sense, her love of package design, and the beauty of simplicity.

11 QUESTIONS: How did you come up with the idea for Dapper Dean?

DAPPER DEAN: I’ve been into collect antiques/vintage items since I can remember. I’m not the most feminine girl so vintage dresses weren’t my thing. I saw a lack of men’s vintage apparel in the marketplace and thought that would be a fun hunt and great collection. 

Being female, and having this ideal male perception that needed to be carried out within a shop, wasn’t going to be easy. I initialy started the dapperdean blog as inspiration. It now holds all my ideals…male, female, lifestyle, a bit of personal, whatever I’m feeling. 

2: What kind of antique and vintage items do you collect?

DD: My two main collections are kitchen accessories, specifically hand mixers/egg beaters (I have one tattooed on me) and vintage packaging. I’m a sucker for great package design and they did it well back in the day.

'Dapper Dean' with her egg beater/hand mixer tattoo.

3: What are some of your favorite package designs?

DD: Food packaging used to be so much more fun… ice cream cartons, potato chip bags, even baking flour bags were more appealing in the past. Women’s hair accessories (bobby pins, hair nets, clips) use to come on cards with illustrations of beautiful woman in vibrant colors. 

I also have a shaving razor blade collection, as strange as that sounds, solely for the logos/typography used on the packaging. I probably have about 50 boxes of blades. There were more but I started selling some in the shop.

Razors, from Dapper Dean’s etsy shop.

4: What’s your favorite period in fashion, e.g. Edwardian fashion, 1950s fashion, Regency? Do you have different favorites for men and for women?

DD: The 20s were great for both men and woman. Favorite personally would be the 50s: men were simple with clean lines, woman not too done up, just as it should be. 

5: What are your favorite movies and tv shows, in terms of how the characters dressed? Are you a fan of Mad Men?

DD: Mad Men is a good one for fashion. I have plenty of unrelated fashion favorites: Dexter, Homeland, The Big C, Nurse Jackie, Duck Dynasty (pure entertainment, these guys are hilarious), and any sort of trash reality show will suck me in from time to time.

Movies that come to mind are Secretary, Hard Candy, most John Waters films and Grease. I like my movies a little dark, a little sexual, and a bit twisted.


6: What did you dress like in high school? College?

DD: In high school I had to wear a uniform. It was not very fashionable, white or navy polo and pleated khakis. I was pretty casual on the weekends. College was a bit easier and much more fun. I went to SCAD so most outfits were probably questionable. I remember there being a lot of black in my wardrobe. 

7: How would you describe your personal sartorial style?

DD: Simple (not sure that’s a sartorial style but that’s me). I wear basics, jeans with a solid tank and cardigan or a button up shirt. I love a good tote or oxford shoes to switch up the usual backpack and vans. My co-workers say tomboy chic––whatever that means.

8: Who are your top style icons?

DD: I wouldn’t really say I have style icons. I love when someone can pull off simplicity without thinking about it too much…that’s iconic to me. 

Photo from Dapper Dean.

9: Tell me a little about your etsy shop. How did you start with it?

DD: I always knew I’d wanted to have my own shop, whether it be online, etsy, in store, whatever. I was a buyer for Urban Outfitters for 3 plus years. Putting collections together always came easy to me. I enjoy the edit. It was started out of the blue really.

10: Why Tumblr?

DD:  Really…it’s only the greatest blogging network there is to share creatively. It’s so easy to have this close community with people that share the same interests as you. For me, Tumblr was a no brainer, if you’re on it then you understand.

11: How has this blog influenced your own day-to-day life?

DD: It has given me inspiration for outfits of my own, made me want to care more about how i dress, and really just given me the opportunity to inspire others (as cheesy as that sounds). My coworkers and friends know about it, yes. All/most are on Tumblr as well. It hasn’t really made me look differently at the world. I’m still the same person.

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11 Questions for…The Nordic Fit

Since March of this year, The Nordic Fit has been posting about “sartorial passion with a Finnish flair.” Think classic menswear, handsome leather shoes and sophisticated accessories.

11 Questions recently caught up with The Nordic Fit to discuss fashion, Finland and films.

11 QUESTIONS: Tell me a little bit about the Nordic Fit. What was the idea behind it?

THE NORDIC FIT: The day I turned 25, I thought I needed to start doing something with my passion for style. I had been thinking of starting a blog to connect with like-minded people and share my own ideas. 

My original idea was to share ideas of products, variations of style and other things I liked. However, I quickly realized that I would rather just share my own looks, hopefully to inspire some people in their own style.

2: How do you describe your blog to other people, say at parties?

TNF: Should the topic arise, I often describe it as a clothing and style related blog. I don’t like to get into people’s faces too much, so unless I really see that people are interested, I probably won’t mention it too much. And if they really are interested, I usually describe it as my own take on what a modern urban man should wear.

3: How much of what you wear is made in Finland or Scandinavia?

TNF: Most of my wardrobe is actually made in Italy, the United Kingdom or the United States. Sadly, the clothing and fashion industry, especially in Finland, is very limited. Most of our local companies produce their wares in cheaper countries.

The tradition for tailoring that countries like Italy have is sadly disappearing from the world. Most of the industry has been taken over by fashion brands producing as much as possible, sacrificing quality and craftmanship (or what is left of it).

4: How do you think that tradition of tailoring could be encouraged?

TNF: I hope that I have encouraged at least one person to start investing in quality and craftmanship. I would certainly like to see the love for handmade clothing get more popular and mainstream. However I fear that seems rather unlikely. 

On the other hand, while I do not agree with how the fashion industry is run, bringing style in general to more people with cheap chains such as H&M is not entirely bad. I will still hunt for bargain quality pieces on eBay and other places. Having more people thinking what to put on in the morning is not a bad thing.

Photo from The Nordic Fit.

5: You say that in Finland, dress is more “hipster” than formal. Yet the way you dress seems very formal to me––lots of classic menswear, blazers and slacks, ties, etc. Do you get many comments on how you dress in daily life?

TNF: I have to admit I do. A lot of the comments go along the way “What’s the occasion?” and so on. I used to find it surprising how much my way of dressing drew attention from other people. 

In the end though, I do not dress for other people, I dress the way I do for my enjoyment of all things that I find aesthetic. When you simply feel great wearing things you love, other people’s opinions aren’t really important.

6: Where do you get inspiration for how to dress?

TNF: My inspiration comes from a lot of places. It also varies a lot by the day - some days I look at neat Ivy-themed picture in morning on my Tumblr feed and put on an ocbd and penny loafers, some others I see a picture from Venice and go for a more Italian look.

I also feel that no matter where you find your inspiration, you can make it your own by combining the pieces you feel the most comfortable with. On more playful days you might try the limits a bit - wearing stuff doesn’t have to be too serious.


7: James Bond has become a classic menswear icon. What do you think of his style?

TNF: James Bond is my number one style icon, and also one of the very few characters that have always dressed in an impeccably no matter what the decade. Sean Connery in Doctor No still looks like he could walk on 5th Avenue today and be the best looking gent on the street. And Tom Ford is doing a great job clothing the Brit nowadays.

8: How would you say fashion is different in the US compared to Finland?

TNF: I studied briefly near New Orleans. If you compare what people wear there, it is definitely more relaxed, casual and informal than Finland or Europe in general.

I have travelled around the U.S. quite a lot. My favourites, style-wise, are perhaps New York, San Francisco and Miami. With New York, the main reason it is my favorite place on Earth is that there are just so many totally different areas, all with their distictive architecture, style and atmosphere. Walking through Greenwich Village or Soho is just inspiring.

In San Francisco, I think people dress very well. The whole city just makes things look even better. And in Miami I suppose I most love the Latin atmosphere, high heels and sexy dresses as well as the overall Miami Vice feeling of it. Also, the beach is just amazing.

Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No––still the best looking gent on 5th avenue. Photo from Andy’s Film Blog.

9: What are some of your favorite brands?

TNF: Some personal favorites include Barba Napoli for shirts, SuitSupply for decent and affordable suits, E. Marinella and Borrelli for ties and Brooks Brothers and Polo Ralph Lauren for the more preppy wear. For shoes I would recommend Sutor Mantellassi, Crockett & Jones, Alden and Septíème Largeur. You should always remember eBay is your best friend. 

10: My mother’s family is from Finland, and I’ve been told that my love of brightly-colored striped clothing is very characteristically Finnish. Can you confirm or deny this? Is something like this very common to see in Finland?

TNF: This is interesting but I have to say I somewhat disagree. Typically, Finnish people avoid bright colors, especially with any kind of attention-drawing patterns, but perhaps I’m wrong to generalize.

I’m afraid the socks you linked would be too bright and colorful, and you wouldn’t probably have much luck seeing those here––although they’re a very nice and playful pair.

11: What advice would you offer people who want to start a blog, perhaps about fashion, but don’t know where to begin?

TNF: I would suggest people to think first where they want to take their blog, what kind of a feel they want to leave people with, and how much time they are willing to put into it. For myself, finding the direction I wanted to go to took at least a month or two to find.

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11 Questions for…Motiveweight

I first learned about MotiveWeight via her blog, Beautiful Pictures of Healthy Food. Through this, I found out about her other blogs, including Before and After and Positive Self-talk.

Here’s my conversation with MotiveWeight about her blogs, her own fitness routines, and how blogging inspires her to do better.

11 Questions: Would you tell me a bit about your blogs? How did “Motive Weight” start?

MOTIVEWEIGHT: I began MotiveWeight for two reasons….firstly I wanted to motivate myself to lose weight and I knew that daily blogging would be a great way to keep my mind focused on weight loss and fitness. Secondly, I began MotiveWeight because I wanted to see if I could make my living from blogging. 

I began blogging in September 2011 starting first with MotiveWeight.Blogspot.com. Then I discovered the Tumblr community and began Motiveweight on Tumblr. I subsequently created several other blogs. I can now honestly say that I am now well on my way to accomplishing my first two goals…I am motivated to lose weight and get fit, and I am very close to earning a proper income from blogging.

2: How do you go about finding images, both for Motive Weight and Beautiful Pictures of Healthy Food?

MW: Finding pictures for MotiveWeight and my other blogs is the hardest and most time intensive part of my work online. I don’t yet have a specific system for finding pictures. I just type in different search terms in Google and then search through the results for those rare gems.

I’m well suited to this type of work because I look at it as a bit of a treasure-hunt game. I’m finding it more and more difficult to discover new pictures so I’m now considering creating my own.

I’ve got a good camera and I like the idea of creating innovative recipes, so I might start taking my own pics if I can find the time. I also love Photoshop and graphic manipulation, so I might create all my own pics from scratch for MotiveWeight. 

Avocado Fries, from Beautiful PIctures of Healthy Food.

3: I really like the icons for your blogs. They’re very simple and to the point. How did you decide to use this style––of text over a brightly colored background?

MW: Tumblr (and the internet) is a place where everyone wants to be noticed for the right reasons. I figured that in order to be noticed by people who are looking for what I have to offer, I’d better make my avatars very clear and easy to understand.

Also, I wanted my avatar to stand out when the icons are miniaturised (as they often are in lists of people one follows)…If they were dark with too much going on, they would be less noticeable. Being successful on the internet is all about doing things that will get you noticed. 

Beautiful Pictures of Healthy Food.

4: How have running these blogs helped you in your own goals, e.g. for weight loss?

MW: Focus is everything when one is aiming to achieve a difficult goal. Blogging helps me to stay focused. Blogging on Tumblr is all about connecting with a great community of people who have the same fitness and weight loss goals. In my opinion the Tumblr community is the best weight loss community in world.

I have lost 30 pounds since September, and I am now leading a much healthier lifestyle thanks to  the amazing motivation that fitblrs provide. I still want to lose another 35 pounds and I know I will achieve that goal if I continue blogging. I’m almost scared to stop blogging, just in case I lose the focus that it gives me. 

5: Fitblrs, that’s great! I haven’t heard of that before. How did you find about Tumblr’s fitness community? You mentioned being on blogspot before.

MW: I must have seen a picture posted by a ‘Fitblr’ on one of my many treasure hunts for ideas for the pictures I was creating at the time on my blogspot blog. When I first began blogspot, I felt quite isolated, I couldn’t figure out how to connect with the blogspot community. I must have stumbled on Tumblr accidently and I’ve never looked back.

The term ‘Fitblr’ is used extensively amongst the fitness community on Tumblr. Sometimes it feels as though Tumblr is all about fitness and the fitness community is a social network within a social network, and I rarely travel outside of it to the other networks.

It’s like Tumblr is a country and the fitblrs are one of the counties, with their own language and customs…they are prolific in their posting of motivating fitness and weight loss material…if you Google ‘fitness motivation’ or ‘weight loss motivation’ many or the results lead straight to Tumblr blogs.This must be how I discovered Tumblr; before that discovery in September, I had never heard of Tumblr, even though I am on the internet on a daily basis.

Photo by MotiveWeight.

6: Tell me a little bit about the ‘Fitblr’ country within Tumblr. Imagine I’m a stranger to it, who has a vague idea what a blog is, wants to lose weight, but doesn’t know where to start. What would you recommend?

MW: Hi stranger. Welcome to the Fitblr community. Everyone trying to lose weight or get fit is welcome here whether you have 200lbs to lose or 10lbs.

We all support each other to lose weight by blogging weight loss and fitness motivation material.

That material includes the following:

  • Personal thoughts and pictures on one’s own weight loss trials, tribulations and successes
  • Images of very fit people, because we all want to look as good as they do
  • Recipes of healthy food
  • Exercise Tips
  • Motivational Posters
  • Workout music, videos etc.
Dos and Don’ts
  • Do reblog frequently, preferably daily
  • Be supportive
  • Be positive and optimistic about your ability to lose weight and get fit
  • No Fat shaming
  • No crazy diets - only healthy food allowed
  • No starvation
  • No EDNOS allowed (EDNOS- Eating disorder not otherwise specified)

To begin, go to the Tumblr dashboard and type your search word or phrase into the search box, then look at what other Fitblrs have posted in relation to your search. If you like something very much you can hit the reblog button to put that item onto your own page.

If others like what you have posted, they will copy your material to their page.

It’s all about supporting, motivating and sharing with each other. 

7: I see you also have a blog about “positive self-talk.” Tell me a little bit about that. How does this fit into the Fitblr sphere?

MW: For many years I’ve been attracted to topics related to the mind, especially the power of positive thinking. I’ve had many positive results with this topic in my own life. Weight loss and fitness is about eating healthy, regular exercise and a positive mindset. The positive mindset part is often neglected so I thought I’d play a part in filling that gap.

8: What advice would you give people who want to start a Fitblr themselves, and want to reach their own health or weight loss goals?

MW: My advice to someone who wants to start their own Fitblr is to ‘just start’. You will get the hang of it very quickly. The Tumblr interface is very user-friendly and the Fitblr community is very welcoming.

A good way to start is to have a look around at other weight loss and fitness blogs to get a handle on what people are posting. Tumblr is all about sharing so it’s a good idea to see what other’s like to have on their page and post similar stuff on your page. If people like what you’ve posted they will put it on their page. 

One of the great things about Tumblr is that you can start many blogs on any topic. When I first began on Tumblr I noticed there were no blogs dedicated to fitness/exercise gifs so I started fitnessgifs4u. Find a gap and fill it is a great way to start a fitness blog. 

It’s almost impossible to blog daily about weight loss and fitness without gaining some motivation and inspiration on your journey to fitness. So in my opinion all one has to do is blog daily and the motivation to reach your goals will come from that…at least that’s the way it’s worked for me.

Public Domain Pics 4 U, a blogspot blog by Motiveweight.

9: What is your daily workout routine like? Do you do cardio, strength training, yoga, etc?

MW: I do about 15 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes of strength training and I’ve recently started the insanity program. Insanity is a 60 day extreme home workout on DVD devised by the fitness trainer Shaun T. It is super tough but very effective. I am not yet fit enough to do it as prescribed so I modify it to create a simpler version which I’ll do for 90 days or longer.

10: What are some of your interests outside of fitness and health?

MW: Fitness and health are now my all consuming passion; sometimes it feels as though I have no interests outside of fitness and health. My other passion is ‘the mind’ and specifically how I can better use my mind to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.

Every aspect of my life has changed as a result of my fitness focus. Before my new focus on fitness motivation, I ate without any regard for nutritional content; I ate whatever I felt like eating, whenever I felt like eating. I ate lots of processed foods, take-aways, greasy food, potato chips, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, sweets and I did no exercise at all.

Now I rarely eat those foods. I endeavour every day to eat lots of vegetables, fruit and lean protein…I also drink a lot of water. Although this way of eating is now my new focus, temptations are always lurking near by. I have to stay vigilant so the old habits don’t creep back in.

My new fitter habits only began in earnest 9 months ago, but my old unfit habits have been with me for most of my life. We are addicted to our old habits and so I know that I will have to work hard to maintain my new habits now and into the future.

Photo from MotiveWeight. Original photo by Theophene_Guy, used under a Creative Commons license.

11: What tips and tricks would you recommend to other people to resist temptation, and to break their addictions to things like processed food?

MW: Whenever I’m asked such a question the following words come to mind:

desire, focus, persistence, optimism - you’ve got to really want to change the habit, you’ve got to stay focused on the new habit, you’ve got to persist, and you’ve got to be optimistic that you will succeed. I find this to be the first essential formula for any habit change.

When it comes to changing food habits from processed to eating clean:

a. Fill your mind with pictures and info and recipes of healthy food. If healthy clean food is perceived to be tasty and appetizing one is more likely to choose it over processed food.

b. Experiment - try foods you would not normally try. Often the foods we’ve avoided are tastier than we had anticipated.

c. Make a list before shopping. Don’t buy food on impulse. Don’t bring bad food in the home if you do the shopping.

d. Recognise that the people who have the fit bodies that you desire don’t binge on junk food and overly processed foods…they eat clean.

c. Recognise that habit plays a massive role in what we chose to eat and that to acquire a new habit takes time and patience. Try to change your habits slowly over time. Don’t try to change too much too soon. 

d. Finally recognise that many people have changed their diets, and maintained that change forever. If it’s possible for so many other people it’s also possible for you.